Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend .... or possibly weakend

Well well well... this city of ours never ceases to amaze me. I have seen some sights over the weekend so far that truly have weakened my faith in humanity.

Firstly Friday .. the TGIF moment arrived and was really up for some party time. Had been invited to a "Peroni Party" at Cafe Sante off Greenmarket SQ. Lots of hype and all these marvelous people attending. Yeah right. In true CT fashion (and this was supposedly in aid of the fashionista's etc of the city) not many people of the 150 plus invited attended. Great place, superb DJ's (Matt James and Nikki Louder), camera's rolling, enough booze and food to sink a small 3rd world country.. just no people. Then they arrived in drips and drabs and very odd indeed they where. Girls/women just hunting the greenback(money to you an I not in the stock market business) and whomever they could obtain "free" whatever their eyes brightened and their claws dug deeper. To all us red blooded males out there - jees guys there is an easier way than spending what you don't have to impress those that really don't care and quite possible wont look at you sideways the morning after ... unless of course they/you are rolling out of bed wondering why, what , how and its too late.

So the night grew older and I really felt it...enough of arbitrary chatter about sweet FA....skirts heading toward chins.... heels becoming towers of pain. What happened to good old debauchery aided by tequila?? So great venue. Great music. Prostitutes of all walks of life be gone....

Saturday.... I cant recall,because I went back to basics and truly had the time of my life falling in and out of establishments with a crowd of genuine drunkards and gorgeous drunkettes... Bliss

Hope you all had a blast and are enjoying the Sunday sunshine.

Gotta love this city !!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Quick catch up with the day. Lunch @ Baba Ganoush (Loop Str) - special sold out, so settled for the old favourite of chicken mayo on brown slightly hardened by some heat (toasted is the expression restaurants use I have been told).

Quaint and homely with a quirky feel - Obs was picked up and plonked in Loop. Value for money and they have seating so no need to grab and run (shoveling food on the move is so wrong)...

Company was feeling a little odd due to malaria tablets, or is this the 3 day side affects of that nasty stuff called Jaegermeister still coursing through the veins. Either way the mosquito's will be toast if they attempt to suck said persons fine red liquid...

Hope the day is going quickly for all of you stuck behind your desks, wheels, cell phones and whatever it is you pre-occupy yourselves in the name of employment..


I have noticed whilst strolling through the city that a large proportion of coffee drinkers seem to partake in this delicious poison either walking, driving or trying to do a thousand other things and drink their dark delights with mayhem surrounding them. Complete madness I think.

Coffee should be savoured and enjoyed in a seated position with at least 1 good person sitting in close proximity to you,to not only share some idle chat, but also be part of that morning ritual whereby all symptoms of a a nasty stressful day ahead are engulfed by sacred aromas and fine taste bud tantalising liquid...and for that 15minutes of heaven all crap forgotten about.

This leads me into Delux Coffeeworks ( 25 Church Street...OK I am truly biased here as my days since drinking a morning cup in this amazing place have just seemed to be metamorphosed(is there such a word ?) into days of joy. From the moment you climb the stairs to seeing, smelling and tasting true coffee passion everything seems to just loose itself into the ether the city holds. I challenge anyone to try their establishment and not come away with a grin and a spring in their step. Who wants to pay silly prices for pretentiuos coffee drinking joints filled with ... well you all know of whom I speak? Not me I say ... Delux convert all the way!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To be continued...

Well after being inundated with posts and followers I have finally managed to get to the serious stuff and that is writing and furthering my millions of followers appetite for witty banter and lurid details of the Cities escapades....

Ok so I bent the truth a little and added some stuff that was a little far fetched, but hey, I can, because this is my blog.

Coming soon some blog lessons from a real star (name/handle to be dropped at a later stage of course) just to keep you lovelies intrigued in any new developments :)

So don't stop reading(please start in actual fact)- we are about to re-invent social commentary on a grand scale, with some juicy scandal thrown in for good measure and possibly some interesting tit bits for those that need to have their daily fix of other peoples lives...

Including tasty samples of hidden delights and average adventures of the taste buds.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So the tale or journey begins. After not having a clue about who or what I wanted or want to be I have decided that I will become a human chameleon and try every possible avenue in finding my "true colours". This does by no means detract from the fact that I am almost 40 and have been told that by now my goals, dreams, journey should be mapped out. Well congratulations to those that have, how complete and happy you all must be. I have other ideas and don't believe for a minute that you are all being truthful :)

So from here on in follow the journey of true awakeing of a soul about to sample what life has to offer an undecided wanderer of the universe. I am sure that what transpires will be stories of friendship, love, hurt, pain and lots of insanely bizarre moments to amuse , shock and delight you and of course more importantly .... me